“Sometimes, you just have to die a little bit inside to be REBORN.”

Out of challenges, hardships, and Lebanon, we bring you the collection that took our heart and soul to create.

The Reborn Collection is made of intriguingly powerful and intricate pieces, embellished with Arabic Calligraphy about resilience, patience, and big dreams. These messages are either hand-painted, hand-embroidered, or hand-beaded by the finest artisans in the region, making each piece unique and one of a kind. The silhouettes of the Reborn Collection embrace strength and femininity at the same time, as we believe that they should coexist harmoniously in every Woman.


“There’s so much that we can do in 28 letters”

Inspired by you, for you.

What once started as a regular order of yours became a ready-to-wear item of ours! You inspired us to create a collection based on beautiful quotes you choose and we loved. The “Kalimat” Collection is a selection of exquisite pieces that we want to share with the world. These items are either hand-painted or hand-embroidered by the finest artisans in Lebanon.